Building and Code Enforcement.

Building, Planning and Zoning
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Responsible For:

  • Administering and Enforcing Village of East Syracuse Municiple Code (Local Law)

  • Administering and Enforcing International Property Maintenance Codes, Building Codes, Residential Codes, Fire Codes, Existing Building Codes, Energy Conservation Codes, Plumbing Codes, Fuel Gas Codes, Mechanical Codes, and Swimming Pool & Spa Codes

  • Administering and Enforcing Flood Plain Regulations, and Sign Regulations

  • Issuing permits for any new construction, alteration, demolition, signage, accessory buildings, swimming pools, spas, and fences

  • Carrying out inspections to assure compliance with all applicable codes and laws

  • Investigating all complaints concerning building code, zoning, or local law violations

  • Issuing Notice of Violation and Court Apperance tickets when necessary

  • Processing applications for Zoning Variances, Special Use Permits, Flood Plain Permits, and Accessory Use Permits and submitting the same to appropriate boards

  • Administering and inspecting all residential rental properties on either a 1 year, 2 year, or 3 year cycle

  • Adminsitering and inspecting industrial and commercial sites, day care centers, multiple dwellings, and places of public assembly for fire safety compliance with the International Fire Code and Building Code

  • Responding to all structure fires and other emergency situations

  • Administering flood plain regulations and providing flood zone information

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Chris Shields Director of Operations / Code Enforcement Officer (315) 437-3541
William Cramer Building and Fire Inspector (315) 437-3541
Enrique Carrasco Housing Inspector (315) 437-3541
Jeff Jones Housing Inspector (315) 437-3541
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