Trash Stickers Program Changes

Trash Stickers Changing
Trash Sticker

The Village of East Syracuse Trash Stickers have changed!!

Due to recent price increases from OCRRA our Trash Sticker Program has changed.

1 Blue trash sticker = $2.00

1 Red trash sticker = $5.00

Please read over the updated Trash Sticker Item List to verify changes.

Starting January 1, 2020 the updated Trash Sticker List and prices will be in effect.

Please note that stickers must be placed on EACH item so they are easily visible.  You cannot use a Red Sticker ($5) to cover a group of items needing to be picked up.

Trash may be placed out to the curb NO EARLIER than 4pm the night before pickup.  It may happen occasionally that stickers are removed over night or items are taken prior to trash pickup, for that reason you may want to put the stickers on your trash the morning of pickup.

The Village of East Syracuse is not responsible for lost or stolen trash stickers.

The trash is picked up the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month unless there is a holiday.

The exact time the DPW is in your area to pick up trash can vary so please make sure trash is out first thing in morning so as not to miss them.

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