Responsibilities & Duties of Our Staff

      The responsibilities of the Village Clerk

  • Administrative assistant to the Mayor
  • Oversees the day-to-day operations of the Village, in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees
  • Maintains all Village records, Village laws and ordinances
  • Custodian of all Village records, books and papers, as well as corporate seal
  • Records the minutes of the Village Board of Trustees meetings, and all the meeting of all other Boards and Committees
  • Supervises Village Office staff in performance of duties
  • Acts as Elections Officer for all Village elections and referendums
  • Transmit orders directing the payment of claims
  • Serves as public service and information officer
  • Responds to inquiries from other municipalities, agencies and the public concerning operations of the Village
  • Responds to and/or directs all complaints and FOIL requests

Information from the Village Clerk

  • Village of East Syracuse meetings and holidays (calendar)
  • Archives of Board of Trustees meeting minutes
  • Planning Board meeting minutes
  • Zoning Board of Appeals meeting minutes
  • Revitalization/Economic Development meeting minutes
  • Revitalization/Beautification meeting minutes
  • Ellis Field/Recreation Committee meeting minutes
  • FOIL application
  • Village of East Syracuse fee schedule

Duties of the Treasurer

  • The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Village of East Syracuse
  • Responsible for maintaining accounts of all receipts and expenditures, in conformance with the uniformed systems of accounts prescribed by the NYS Comptroller ad pursuant to GML §36 and other laws of the State of New York;
  • Prepare and administers the annual operating budget, for all funds, as well as schedule for debts and employee wages;
  • Ensure accuracy of recording and posting of all accounts;
  • Maintain all bank deposits and investment accounts;
  • Sign checks and assure validation of all payments and journal entries;
  • Prepare and file annual Financial Statement.

       Duties of the Tax Collection/Billing Clerk

  • prepares the annual tax bills, and collects taxes
  • maintains accurate property records and assessment roll
  • collects and maintains all exemptions filings and records
  • prepares tax searches
  • bills and collects utility payments
  • reconciles daily accounts and prepares bank deposits

Duties of the Accounts/Payroll Clerk

  • prepares and computes weekly payroll
  • prepares abstract report and vouchers for payment
  • reconciles purchasing discrepancies
  • maintains employees records, including salary, attendance, retirement and benefits